The Internet has far-reaching economic and social benefits on nations, governments, individuals, both in developed and developing nations. Of the world’s 7 billion people, only 2.7 billion have internet access, and this is mostly in developing countries.
Facebook launched global partnerships for making internet access affordable to all, thus transforming resource-based economies to knowledge-based, which is expected to accelerate economic and social growth. Web connectivity has come from mobile broadband, going up 12-fold since 2007, with fixed-broadband connectivity slowing to just 7% in three years. Connectivity will continue to grow, and so will the challenges of governing the web. IoT holds promises presenting challenges and threats.
For Operators, Regulators and Governments, challenges and risks are at-hand:
Managing the technical challenges of developing the Internet, particularly in countries with poor infrastructure.
Managing the role of state and balance of power between state and citizen
Ensuring Internet use objectively towards develop and economic growth
Maintaining a technically secure infrastructure
Eicon experienced consultants work with public and private organisations, in dealing with the challenges of the Internet. Our services classified broadly include:
Internet governance, connectivity, services, ITIL, ICT policy
Network security procedures
Developing emerging Internet architectures
Internationalisation of the Internet
Management and administration of country-domain
Planning, designing and implementing Internet Exchange Point (IXP)
e-law initiatives, coordination with parliamentary committees
Initiatives for broadband and for supporting Internet growth