Technology Consulting covers the analysis of existing network, its lifetime and capacity, migration and dimensioning, technology selection, optimising network performance, mitigating risk of downtime, and developing network strategy to support commercial targets.
Technology is crucial to all players in the telecom space: Regulators, Operators, and Vendors. Approaches to network design are constantly revised, and up-to-date understanding of technology pros and cons is essential to the success of a venture.
Eicon works with start-up operators in evaluating their technology needs and in defining their technology strategy. Our experience covers of mobile, broadband, and wireless technologies. Our consultants have worked on:
Broadband Access (DSL, FWA)
Wireless networks (LTE, 3G, 2G)
Core network Technologies (IP, MPLS)
Network design & deployment (mobile, broadband, fixed)
Supervision of OSP and ISP implementation
End-to-end network planning services follow commercial forecasts of: subscribers, traffic, distribution, and usage models. Network planning services deliver:
Network dimensioning
Network plan (cell plan, fixed plan, transmission plan)
Radio engineering, Satellite link engineering
Capacity planning for access, backbone, and international
Microwave and radio transmission planning
QoS and traffic prioritization
Legacy protocol support
OSS, BSS and NOC centre planning and deployment
Technical and commercial advisory services are provided to scope and document an RFP for the design, supply, installation, operation and transfer of all elements of client proposed network, in accordance with client strategy and business plan. We assist clients in evaluating vendor responses, and in negotiations, including:
End-to-end tender management
Preparation of RFI & RFP
Identification of Vendors
Criteria and grading for Vendor short-listing
Evaluation of tenders, vendor selection
Contract and Conditions Negotiations with Vendor
SLA & support agreements
In addition to planning, Eicon undertakes supervision services during implementation phases to operators, including:
Radio and transmission site surveys
Site selection and acquisition
Supervision of radio site and microwave links implementation
Acceptance FAT and PAT
Survey of OSP and ISP implemen