Our clients value the expertise we bring to our relationships and our support for effective and sound decision making. This expertise is supported by an in-depth knowledge of telecoms technologies and global trends – essential in a continually evolving environment.
Management Support, Business Case, Feasibility Study, Procurement, License Application, Contract Negotiations
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Assistance in application for the 4th licenseGabon2008
Business plan, organization structure, for greenfield wimax operatorIraq2007
Feasibility, Business case, ProcurementLiberia2005
Outsourcing Feasibility Study and OptionsSaudi Arabia2005
Consultancy support and contract negotiations, ISPBaghdad2003
Internet and Wireless Network: Business feasibilityIraq2003
Domestic Satellite Network: 13 earth stations.Angola1995
Tender Evaluation of complete primary & secondary radarLebanon1995
Business case for a GSM systemVietnam1994
Consultant to Investors, Technical & Network Audit for Mobile and Fixed Wireless Operations
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Technical and network Due Diligence for mobile operatorBrazil2008
DD on wireless BB Wimax OperatorIndia2008
Consultancy to Investors on application for 4th licenseKenya2008
Consultancy services to Investors on application for fourth mobile licenseZambia2008
Due Diligence of a Fixed Wireless OperatorGhana2004
Due Diligence of a Fixed Wireless OperatorIbadan2004
Spectrum Management, Assistance in mobile auctioning, Assistance in application for mobile license, interconnect, numbering, KPIs, QoS, infrastructure-sharing.
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Technical assistance in mobile license auctioning process.Gabon2008
Assistance in application for the second mobile licenseEq. Guinea2007
Spectrum Management Consultancy for TRALebanon2007
Technical assistance in mobile license auctioning process.Gambia2006
Spectrum, interconnect agreements, numbering, and defining fair KPIsGambia2006
Regulators Services: Spectrum, interconnect, numbering, and fair KPIsSierra Leone2006
Support in licensing process, spectrum, interconnection, QoSEq. Guinea Conakry2005
Support in licensing process, spectrum, interconnection, QoSGuinea Bissau2005
Supervision of FTTP in the Gulf regionSaudi Arabia2004
Spectrum Optimization, KPIs to monitor operatorsSyria2003
Technical Audit with KPMG for all KPIs of mobile operatorsLebanon2002
1st private fixed network, RFP, infrastructure-sharing, interconnectionsBangladesh2001
Technical Feasibility, Procurement, Network Design, Technical Consultancy, Radio & Transmission Planning, Network Optimization, Supervision.
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Procurement of Network and IT Systems, UniversityLebanon2014
Consultancy on feasibility of CDMA projectLebanon2010
Consultancy on feasibility of Wimax projectsNigeria2010
Consultancy on Management of mobile networkBurundi2009
Consultancy on Management of mobile networkDRC2009
Consultancy on Management of mobile networkSierra Leone2009
Consultancy on Management of mobile networkUganda2009
Preliminary Network Design, RFP PreparationIraq2007
Supervision of FTTPSaudi Arabia2004
Design and build ISP (dial;-up, DSL) networksIraq2003
Network Planning, GSM backboneLebanon2003
VSAT network: three remote sites and one hub for telephony applications.Iraq2002
CCTV system design for facilitiesQatar2002
Planning of radio and transmission and network managementSyria2002
Network Performance and Optimization, GPRS testing & deployment.Philadelphia2001
Design and supply of CCTV and transmission for Mekkah areaSaudi Arabia2000
Installation Services: Microwave, GSM antennas, site constructionMorocco1999
Supervision iDen: design, implementation, optimization, trainingArgentina1998
Supervision implementation, in Malaga, Alicante/Murcia areasSpain1998
Transmission Network planning for over 500 linksLebanon1997
Design of Internet / Intranet architectures and networks; Set-up of ICT strategies and policies; Management of country domain, broadband policies.
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Internet Consultancy, Advisory Services, Lecturing and TrainingVarious
Feasibility studies, technical, administrative and training support
Internet consultant, advisory services, feasibility studies, trainingISOC
Internet consultant, advisory services, feasibility studies, trainingUNDP-SDNP
Internet consultant, advisory services, feasibility studies, trainingLebanon
Internet consultant, advisory services, feasibility studies, trainingSharjah
Internet services & ConsultancyESCWA
Internet services & ConsultancyLebanon
Internet services & ConsultancySaudi
Internet services & ConsultancyUNESCO
Internet services & ConsultancyICARDA
Technical, IT & Admin suppor, Medecins San FrontieresMedecins
Technical, IT & Admin support, to many universities, clinics, organisationsMany
Planning,Implementation, FTTx for TV, MVDS
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Planning and implementation of SFN DVB-T2 Pilot transmissionLebanon2013
Technical Consultancy for design of FTTx network for TVLebanon2007
Design, Implementation, O&M of MVDS Network (DVB-MS/MS2)Lebanon2007
Consultant for various other TV stationsLebanon1994
Consultant for TV stationLebanon1992