Date: Jun 2021
Type: Article
Canada has completed its auction of the 3.5 GHz band, opening-up new spectrum for 5G services. The bidding raised in total CAD 8.91 billion, with Bell, Rogers and TELUS spending the most.
The Canadian auction for an average of 111 MHz in the 3500 MHz band raised a record setting C$8.91 billion(US$7.16 B). Thats an average of C$2.28/MHz-PoP (US$1.83) or a global record high for this spectrum band. Or, to bring another meaning into this, operators paid C$270 for each mobile subscriber! For another perspective, the US C-band auction was the most expensive auction at US$$0.94/MHz PoP after it raised US$80.9 B (unloaded).