Our consultancy services are directed towards existing regulators and newcomers in telecom. We cover the development of: telecom policy, spectrum services, interconnection, universal service, convergence, unbundling, and tariffs.
We work closely with telecom regulators in developing sector policy. This ranges from regulatory advice, spectrum, licensing, competition regulations, and consumer protection measures. This may also address infrastructure development, as well as initiatives for rural development, universal access, and assistance in HR management. We also support new entrants in telecom, in understanding policies and regulations, in their license applications. Our experience covers:
Sector and market review
Policy: liberalization, regulations, pricing
Radio regulations and international bodies
International traffic, fraud
Numbering plan, special numbers, POIs
Benchmarking of services
Obtaining a license with spectrum assignment, are pre-requisites for operating mobile or fixed wireless access services. Spectrum is a finite resource, for which demand is continually growing. All mobile generations up to 5G, and upcoming 6G, including satellite LEO, and GSO services, as well as LAN and WiFi networks require spectrum. Regulators are constantly re-assessing spectrum assignments, to ensure efficient use, and to set a true market value. We advise regulators on:
ITU regulations, international best-practice
Spectrum allocation and refarming
Developing a national frequency plan (NFAT)
Planning a 5-10 years spectrum roadmap
Valuation: benchmarking, business case
License term, obligations, neutrality, fees