Eicon has expertise in spectrum pricing, and has developed pricing tools, and a comprehensive database of awards, which are offered to Clients. The ‘Market-approach’ or ‘Benchmarking’, is adopted by regulators, for pricing of IMT bands. This process compares prices of bands with similar or identical bands, in similar countries. Adjustments for term, economic data (inflation, PPP, GDP/capita, ..), and outliers are usually undertaken. Moreover, a certain degree of expertise, as well as undertaking interactions on scenarios have to be undertaken.
Eicon offers spectrum pricing in a number of ways, depending on client's specific needs. We offer spectrum pricing:
As a service (SaS)
As a tool (SPECTRE,BAZ)
As a database of Awards
Eicon offers a spectrum pricing service to clients. We undertake a full study based on client inputs, that includes: benchmarking against different bands, analysing differnet options for adjustments, tables of relevant data, charts of results, and comparisons, and a full report almost ready for distribution for client under his own logo.

As presented above, pricing compares band prices with similar awards. The process therefore requires regular data-mining. Calculations involve complex processing, where the right data has to be selected, then different adjustments to each are made, then the process is repeated until logical comparisons are made.

SPECTRE is an easy-to-use web-based tool, that addresses all such needs. Spectre offers several features to easily view and filter awards, calculate and analyse unit prices benchmarks , and valuate license using several methods (mean, regression, distance method).“


For a number of countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, India), a large number of licenses are issued under the same auction/award process, on a regional basis, where 000's of licenses are typically issued. (6,345 license, USA auction... 2023)

Spectrum pricing best-practice uses 'unique' awards; hence calculations averages the price in $/MHz/pop of awards within the same auction, in order not to skew price indications.

BAZ is a big auction Analyser that allows processing and presentation of such big data, in a form that is usable for analysts. BAZ takes all data such as presented by regulators (FCC, CRTC, IFT, TRAI), and calculates the price per region or county, in $/MHz/pop, per operator, per region, ...


Eicon’s database includes over 4000+ spectrum awards available for purchase. The data covers bands from 400MHz to 26GHz. Data shown on the awards are mostly as publicly available, and includes: Country, operator, band, term, price, bandwidth, whether national or regional, etc..

Eicon's database could also include large auctions. These are auctions awarded regionally in countries such as USA, Mexico, Canada, India. Usually presented on regulator's website.