Eicon (Engineering and Information Consultants) delivers Telecommunication Consulting services. We provide an independent opinion of operation management, having served Mobile Operators, ISPs, Fixed incumbents, Vendors, and new entrants in emerging markets.
Telecommunications continues to develop, fuelled by liberalization, competition, technology evolution, consumer behaviour, and new market dynamics. Thorough understanding of business drivers, OTT and IP technologies, as well as ‘basic’ telecom networks, coupled with hands-on experience are essential to success. We work with early-start-ups in their business ventures, as well as established operators in strategizing their business, on overall management aspects, or on segment-specific tasks.
Areas Of
telecom business
Our qualified Consultants have each over 15 years of experience at Director-level or above, in specialisation areas including:
  • Business Strategy & Management
  • Regulation & Policy
  • Technology Consulting & Network Consulting
  • Internet Governance
  • Procurement and Human Resource Organization
  • Day-To-Day Management
Eicon is host to Telecom and Regulatory Experts specialised in niche
areas of telecom business, including Broadband, Internet, Data and
Mobile. Our scope ranges from devising strategies, to detailed studies of
commercial aspects, network performance, and licensing.
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