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410/450MHz Pricing, Sep. 2021
Type: Insight
Date: Sep 2021
Eicon recently published the report entitled: "An insight into Spectrum Price Benchmarks for the 410/450 bands". Following discussions on the overall methodology with Argonet, an Addendum was prepared taking into account Argonet’s inputs and valuating the 410/450 bands for Austria, 2021.

CITC Consultations, May 2021
Type: Project
Date: Jul 2021
Eicon undertook a study for Motorola Solutions, in support of their response to Consultations by CITC, Saudi Arabia, May 2021, on the fees to be charged for 410-430MHz. Refer to:

Type: Article
Date: Jun 2021
Canada has completed its auction of the 3.5 GHz band, opening-up new spectrum for 5G services. The bidding raised in total CAD 8.91 billion, with Bell, Rogers and TELUS spending the most.