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Argentina 3.5GHz auction
Type: Article
Date: Nov 2023
Argentina's National Communications Agency ENACOM completed its 5G auction in the 3.3-3.6GHz band on 24 Oct 2023. Spectrum was sold to the three incumbents: Claro, Telecom Argentina, and Telefonica, raising a total of $875 million. Check this brief review, where we compare auction results with reserve prices set, as well as international benchmarks.

Poland 3.5GHz auction
Type: Article
Date: Oct 2023
Poland UKE concluded the long awaited 3.5GHz auction intended to support 5G. Four lots of 100MHz licenses were sold, raising a total of $455 million. The reserve price set by UKE ranks average among prices set by other EU regulators, while auction prices were not much higher than reserve.

Sweden's multi-band auction
Type: Article
Date: Oct 2023
The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) have successfully concluded a spectrum auction in the 900, 2100, and 2600 MHz bands, raising a total of 4.23 billion SEK (380 million USD). In this brief, we compare spectrum prices of the auctioned bands against set reserve prices, and with selected international benchmarks.

3300-3800MHz Pricing
Type: Article
Date: Mar 2023
Demand for mid-band spectrum, specifically 3300-3800MHz has gained momentum over the past years for deployment of 5G networks. Here, we review prices of the band, split into three ranges of interest, and estimate benchmark prices for each.

Norway Private 5G
Type: Article
Date: Jan 2023
Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) recently opened up 3.8-4.2GHz for local area 5G networks. Industry may now apply for up to 80MHz of spectrum. Check this brief review on 3.8-4.2GHz for private 5G, which also compares prices with that of other European countries.

Spectrum Price of Tanzania's Multi-band Auction
Type: Article
Date: Oct 2022
Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) successfully concluded a multi-band auction, releasing 360MHz for a total of $187.5 million. Check this brief review, where we analyse spectrum prices, and compare with international benchmarks and reserve prices.

ASMG mid-band survey
Type: Survey
Date: Sep 2022
EICON undertook a survey directed to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of Arab countries, to understand their positions and views on mid-band spectrum, C-band and 6 GHz.

BIPT Belgium, August 2022
Type: Article
Date: Aug 2022
Telecom Regulator in Belgium (BIPT) concluded a 5G auction raising a total of €1.42 billion. In this report, spectrum prices from the auction are analysed for each of the offered bands, then compared with market prices, and with set reserve prices.

Regulatory Positions on the 3.8-4.2GHz Band
Type: Insight
Date: Jun 2022
A brief overview on how 3.8-4.2GHz is being addressed from a Regulatory Perspective in several countries.

EETT Greece, May 2022
Type: Article
Date: May 2022
EETT (Greece) awarded 410-430MHz spectrum to Cosmote, for EUR1.15 Million. This compares well with our valuation of the band. Read our report to find out.

NTRA Egypt, Feb 2022
Type: Article
Date: Feb 2022
NTRA Egypt assigned more spectrum in 2.6GHz TDD band to Orange following previous awards on the same band in 2020 to: Vodafone, Egypt Telecom, and Etisalat. The main question arises: Is it enough and at what price? Read the full article to find out.

الجهاز القومي لتنظيم الاتصالات المصري
Type: مقال
Date: Feb 2022
اعلن الجهاز القومي لتنظيم للاتصالات مؤخرًا عن تخصيص الحزمة 2.6 جيغاهيرتز غير المقترنة لشركة أورنج بعد التخصيصات التي منحت عام ٢٠٢٠ للشركات: فودافون والمصرية للاتصالات واتصالات مصر. هل يكفي وبأي ثمن؟

CITC Consultations, Nov 2021
Type: Project
Date: Nov 2021
Download Eicon's spectrum price benchmarking for CITC's 2100MHz auction in KSA, following a public consultation released on October 2021

410/450MHz Pricing, Sep. 2021
Type: Insight
Date: Sep 2021
Eicon recently published the report entitled: "An insight into Spectrum Price Benchmarks for the 410/450 bands". Following discussions on the overall methodology with Argonet, an Addendum was prepared taking into account Argonet’s inputs and valuating the 410/450 bands for Austria, 2021.

Type: Article
Date: Jun 2021
Canada has completed its auction of the 3.5 GHz band, opening-up new spectrum for 5G services. The bidding raised in total CAD 8.91 billion, with Bell, Rogers and TELUS spending the most.

410/450 CITC, Ofcom Consultations
Type: Project
Date: May 2021
Eicon undertook a study for Motorola Solutions, in support of their response to Consultations by CITC, Saudi Arabia, May 2021, and Ofcom, United Kingdom, June 2021 on the fees to be charged for 410-430MHz.