Our consultancy services are directed towards existing Regulators and newcomers in Telecom. We cover the development of: telecom policy, spectrum services, interconnection, universal service, convergence, unbundling, and tariffs.
We work closely with Telecom Regulators in developing and reviewing regulations. We also support new entrants in telecom, in understanding policies and regulations, and in their license preparations and applications. Our depth of experience in various aspects of the regulatory framework covers:
Review of Telecom sector and market
Developing sector policy: liberalization, regulations, costing and pricing
Handling radio regulations and dealing with international bodies
International traffic management, and fraud control
Management of numbering plan, special numbers, POIs
Benchmarking of services based on international best practice
Spectrum is a finite resource, for which demand is increasing, due to new services requiring more bandwidth. Regulators are therefore constantly re-assessing spectrum assignment, to ensure efficient use, and to assign a market value. Our consultants have cost-modelling skills that support regulators in determining cost and benefits of license types, and their impact on future pricing. We have advised Regulators on:
Management of spectrum, including international usage and trends
Development of legislations, relevant laws and regulations
Spectrum value, benchmarking and techno-economic modelling
Preparing spectrum licenses to meet objectives, by tender or auction
The development of a national frequency plan