A cornerstone of our services is to support Operators and Investors in developing their strategy, and managing day-to-day business. The scope includes reviewing financial and operational performance data, growth, verifying investment progress, and day-to-day management.
An existing business may well have good financial performance, but Management wants to secure margins in the face of evolving technologies. Faced with a convergence of services, competition and new products, a forward-looking strategy need be set. With time, OTT and IoT may threaten revenues, but could present an opportunity to extract value from the business. Competitive pressures and customer increasing-expectations are also imminent.
Operators need to adopt new strategies to maintain their lead in innovation and growth. Operational efficiency must evolve within the organisation, and in cases, mergers and geographic expansion create opportunities to raise shareholder value.
Eicon works closely with clients in reviewing their investment strategy, to ensure growth, success and payback.
Eicon supports clients in a vertically integrated approach. Our services range from team mobilization to negotiating licenses, preparing business cases, reviewing and defining technology. The core of our value proposition is to bring together consulting, management, technology, and operation know-how. We have advised clients on:
Overall Management, Operational and financial reviews
Business case and financial model
Commercial strategy,
Usage forecast, service offering, and marketing plans
High-level reviews of network design
Internal company processes (KPIs, product cycle, Sales OSS/BSS)
Technology and market developments present opportunities for new entrants and challenges to existing. Eicon advises clients on commercial strategies by taking a high-level look at the business. The full commercial cycle from product inception and cost modelling to launch is reviewed. Success and service performance are monitored in relation to client feedback and growth. The step-by-step approach to commercial strategy includes:
Survey of market players, services and competitive analysis
Product inception and design
Cost-models and profitability of products
Migrating function-based to segment-centric organisation
Marketing strategies: launch, and commercial success
Identifying Point-of-Sales & Outlets
Eicon undertakes high-level overview of networks, processes and IT systems, and delivers audit reports together with recommendations. We analyse evolution scenarios for bringing an operator from the present state to his target situation. Our scope includes:
Regulations and licensing
Technical feasibility
Technology selection and/or IP migration
Mobilisation requirements including infrastructure and staffing
Dimensioning of network: radio, backbone and core
Design of expansions, upgrades and migration, radio and core
Vendor Management and capex optimization
Eicon works closely with Technical staff, throughout the service delivery cycle to achieve high performance service, while monitoring service delivery, including:
Supporting day-to-day network operation
Re-engineering of organisation for: network, operation, IT and field services
Technical support for network, processes, and IT systems
Review fault identification and mitigation procedures
Development of innovative service delivery solutions
Review of processes for: OSS / BSS, CCD and NOC
Mentoring of field-service staff, CCD and NOC