Areas of
Our scope ranges from devising strategies, to detailed studies of commercial aspects, network performance, and licensing. Our qualified experts have each over 15 years’ experience at Director-level or above, in specialisation areas including:
A cornerstone of our services is to support operators in developing their strategy, and managing their business. The scope includes reviewing: financial and operational data, HR organigrams and procedures, commercial growth strategies, and indicators.
The development of business plans are cornerstones of our service offering. This includes a review of the market, competitors, subscribers, ARPU, socio-economic indicators, and forecasts. This may also include feasibility studies, business audit, and due diligence.
Our consultancy services are directed towards existing Regulators and newcomers in Telecom. We cover the development of: telecom policy, spectrum services, interconnection, universal service, convergence, unbundling, and tariffs.
Eicon’s database includes over 4000+ awards, over for bands from 400MHz-6GHz. Price benchmarking is also offered as a Service as per Client request. Alternatively, we can offer an easy-to-use web-based tool SPECTRE, for pricing using the market approach, which comes in packages customised for Regulators, Consultants, and Operators.
Our services cover the audit of an existing network, its capacity, dimensioning and migration plans, technology selection, optimising performance, mitigating risk of downtime, and network strategy to support commercial targets.