Iraqi Cabinet approves the 4th mobile license
Iraq's Cabinet approved the award of the 4th mobile license to state-owned company Al-Salam. Local funds (Public Pension Fund, and Social Security Fund), are allowed to have stakes in the new company, with Iraqi citizens to be offered 10% shareholding.

Tue 17 Oct 2023

Eicon completes all preparations for approval of the license by Cabinet
Prime Minister of Iraq announces completion of the consultancy work by the Consultants (Eicon) and confirms that this will soon be presented to the cabinet for approval.

Mon 11 Sep 2023

Eicon works closely with MoC in preparation for the national license
Throughout the period March-August 2023, Eicon Consultants held continuous meetings, with the Minister of Communications, in preparing the advisory study for the national mobile phone license.

Mon 17 Apr 2023

Eicon wins contract for Consultancy Support for the 4th License
Following a tender launched by MoC for consultancy support, Eicon won the contract for all necessary groundwork for the launch of national operator for mobile services.

Thu 23 Mar 2023

Eicon completes C-band & 6GHz band consultations in Arab countries
Eicon was commissioned by PIP policy advisory services to undertake a survey in the form of consultations, in ASMG countries on the allocation of 6GHz band, and the C-band.

Fri 09 Sep 2022

Engineering services and feasibility of FTTH network in Niger
Eicon completes engineering studies that included: design, planning, and feasibility study of FTTH network to be implemented in Niamey, Niger.

Mon 01 Aug 2022

Eicon undertakes spectrum pricing for Motorola for Ofcom Consultations
Eicon was commissioned by Motorola Solutions to conduct a study on spectrum pricing of 410/450MHz, to use as a basis for their response to Ofcom (UK) and CITC (Saudi Arabia) consultation on band.

Sat 30 Jul 2022

Eicon completes communication plan for ICT Road network
Eicon was commissioned by Transpo-Group / World Bank, to provide technical assistance in for ICT Road Management systems.

Fri 17 Dec 2021

Public Consultation for Fixed Wireless Broadband Licensing in Iraq
Eicon, as part of its execution of the FWB consultancy project, launched public consultations. The Call for Input invited stakeholders to present their views on developing the market, on the allocation of spectrum in general, and on the licensing framework.

Wed 17 Oct 2018

Eicon wins tender for FWB licensing in Iraq
Eicon signs contract with CMC, the regulator in Iraq, entitled "Consultancy Support for the Management of FWB Licensing".

Sun 17 Dec 2017

Due Diligence on WiMAX Operator Metamax, India for KPPHC
Due diligence of a broadband WiMAX operator Metamax in Hyderabad on behalf of Kuwait Finance House. Operating under a non-standard frequency 2.839GHz, with a contract agreement with public organization Railtel

Mon 22 Sep 2008

Consultancy Support for FWA Wimax operator, Erbil
Eicon Consultants were given the task of the planning and design of a FWB network implemented in Erbil, under the brand name of Nawand. The operation was part of a joint shareholding structure between: Iraqi Partners, KPPHC (Kuwait Finance House), ACT Holding, and GABS Telecom.

Mon 28 Apr 2008