Eicon specializes in providing regulatory and strategic insights that empower telecom authorities and businesses to navigate market complexities with ease and take informed decisions.

We are committed to provide high-level guidance and advice, supported by thorough examination and rigorous analysis, to help clients address challenges and resolve urgent concerns.
Telecom market study & forecast
We offer consultancy services focused on the study and forecast of the telecom market. This service aims to provide telecom companies, investors, and regulatory bodies with deep insights into market trends, competitive landscapes, and future growth areas.

By leveraging our extensive experience and analytical expertise, we compile detailed market analysis and projections that are critical for strategic planning and investment decisions. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation of market drivers, challenges, and technological innovations, enabling our clients to anticipate changes and strategically position themselves for success.
Spectrum data, benchmarking, strategy
Our consultancy offers specialized services in spectrum data analysis, benchmarking, and strategic planning, tailored to help regulators, operators and telecom companies, navigate the complexities of spectrum allocation, utilization, and optimization. By leveraging comprehensive datasets and employing advanced analytic tools, we provide our clients with deep insights into the current spectrum environment, comparative benchmarks, and forward-looking strategies.
Preparation of Consultation /IM documents
The preparation of Consultation and Information Memorandum documents is a critical process, important to engage with stakeholders, guide policy development, and facilitate major initiatives. Eicon offers such service to help regulators make informed decisions, and strategically develop the telecom sector.
Due Diligence
Navigating mergers, acquisitions, or any form of strategic partnerships demands a thorough due diligence to mitigate risks and uncover the true value of potential investments. Our consultancy specializes in offering comprehensive due diligence services tailored to empower your decision-making process.
Feasibility study, business plan
Launching a new venture or expanding existing operations demands more than just technological innovation; it requires a strategic, well-informed approach grounded in comprehensive analysis and planning. Our consultancy specializes in providing top-tier feasibility study and business plan services tailored specifically to the telecom sector.