Spectrum Awards

In parallel to expertise in Spectrum, Eicon’s team have built a comprehensive and fairly accurate and reviewed database of spectrum awards, that includes details of completed IMT auctions and direct assignments across most countries, worldwide.

The database which comprises 4000+ licenses in 208 countries, covers IMT bands (450 MHz up to mmWave), over the period 1985 up till now. The data is updated as soon as, any auction or direct award are publicly announced. The data is currently offered in a simplified Excel format, either in its full entity, that is ALL DATA, or as requested by Client, by band, per region, for specified countries, or else. Work is also underway in developing an App similar to Spectre. More details shall be released in due course.

It should be noted that regional awards are also included in this database. This includes regional awards from ‘smaller’ countries, as well as large countries with thousands of licenses issued; e.g. USA, Canada, Mexico, India. However, such data is processed, such that each operator has one entry in the Spectre data fields. For full regional awards data, check Regional Awards.

The information for each license, includes, as per publicly available

  • Operator / bidder that has secured spectrum
  • Price paid in US$
  • Duration (term)
  • Band, frequency range, bandwidth
  • Region (or country) covered, and its population
  • Population and GDP(PPP) per capita at date of award

Key features

  • 4000+ licenses
  • 208 countries covered
  • Includes all major IMT bands: 450MHz up to 28GHz
  • Provided in Excel spreadsheets

Such database can be used to:

  • Assist in benchmarking
  • Make professional decisions related to spectrum valuation
  • Provide a snapshot on specific country/region
  • Identify trends in spectrum awards
  • Calculate spectrum holdings of operators

Who can benefit from this database?

  • Spectrum regulators and policymakers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Analysts

Find out more

For further information, send an email to [email protected].
A template on available information can be provided on request.