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Big Auction Analyzer
Big Auction Analyzer (BAZ) is another tool offered by Eicon, that aggregates regional awards in large countries and makes more sense of data.
A number of large countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, and India, issue licenses on a regional basis, for a number of reasons. Consultations, and the Information Memorandum, are prepared on that basis. Operators (or bidders), bid at different unit prices ($/MHz/pop) for the regions they have interest in. Moreover, the results of the auctions are fairly complex, to view, to interpret, and to analyze.
Eicon has developed BAZ (Big Auction Analyzer), which takes auction results (outputs) of each country, organises the data in a common format, and prepares summary output of the auctions. Aside from showing the data in a clearer manner than available on regulator websites, BAZ presents the outputs:
Total paid/ operator
Total paid/region
Unit price/region ($/MHz/pop)
Unit price/region paid by all operators
The tool, as well as the organised data, with the analysis, are currently available in a simplified Excel format, and under development into an App similar to Spectre. More details shall be released in due course.