Key Consultants
Eicon Consultants have over 15 years’ experience in Management, Strategy, and Planning. We work with Investors, Network Operators, Consultants and Vendors. We host specialised Consultants from diverse backgrounds.
An Executive with over 20 years of experience in the management of operations, with proven business acumen and thorough understanding of telecom business drivers.
The Consultant have been involved with many greenfield operations, and his experience includes: pre-start-up phase, application for license, financing, preparation of business case, management of mobilisation team. He defines strategy, organises recruitment of key staff, and coaches teams, and has steered companies in telecom. He was also involved in merger activities, and has managed full due diligence cycles.
The Telecom Management Consultant can support you, as our Client, in all aspects of Telecom, from initial preparations, to daily operations, as well as dealing with financial sheets, and shareholders.
Our Spectrum Pricing Consultant has extensive experience with pricing spectrum, having worked on pricing of mobile and FWA applications, for several regulators.
The consultant has prepared and developed reports, for many scenarios, in existing and new bands. The market approach (benchmarking), used for pricing of IMT-bands, or AIP (Administrative Incentive Pricing), used for pricing of other bands. The consultant has also undertaken analysis of many of the big auctions carried out in the US and in Canada.
Whether you are a regulator wanting to manage the pricing of a license, in preparation for an auction, that is to set a reserve price, we can fully support you, guiding you through terms, conditions, and best-practice.
Our Spectrum Management Expert has over 20 years’ experience in wireless, radio and TV, frequency spectrum management, and frequency use monitoring.
This encompasses years of experience in regulatory affairs, spectrum management, and in working for government regulatory agencies, telecom companies, or consulting firms. With experience in public and private wired wireless communications and microwave distribution networks. The consultant has held many positions with ITU different bodies.
Our Expert can support you in developing spectrum management and licensing procedures, preparing or updating NFAT, or developing long-term plan for spectrum licensing, type approval, frequency pricing framework, or carrying out public consultations, or detecting, preventing and regulating frequency interferences.
Our Consultant has over 20 years’ of in-depth understanding of policy frameworks, regulatory principles, and governance structures at national and international levels.
The Consultant has in-depth knowledge of regulatory processes, including spectrum allocation, licensing, market competition, consumer protection, and interconnection agreements. He has managed national frequency plan, numbering plan, special numbers, and POI between operators. He has also expertise in enforcing fair competition, RoW guidelines, international traffic management and fraud control. He headed working groups regulating operators, including spectrum and re-farming.
Our Policy Expert will support you in developing or updating your telecom policy, regulations, and in governance, in providing advisory services to governments, regulatory bodies, telecom operators, and industry stakeholders.
Our Mobile Network Expert has over 20 years’ hands-on experience, having worked with mobile operators in several countries.
Having worked on 2G/3G/4G/5G technologies, this diversified experience, includes heading leadership roles covering system design, planning and optimization tools, such as network simulation software, drive test tools, and performance monitoring platforms, optimization, operation & development for several national and regional networks. He has specific expertise in knowledge of emerging technologies and trends in mobile communications, including 5G, network virtualization, Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing.
Whether you are a greenfield operator, or an established operator, we can support you in planning, designing, dimensioning, or auditing your network, as well as advise you on the latest mobile technologies.
Our Broadband Consultant, is a wireless expert by profession, who has mastered Internet and wireless technologies.
He has over 20 years’ experience in technology, spectrum, regulations, policy, and day-to-day operation, from early Internet adoption in the 90’s with dial-up, to todays’ technologies, access and protocols: wimax, LTE and FTTH, IP, FR, DSL, Wimax, LTE, and microwave. He has managed broadband service providers, has founded many greenfield operations, devised vision and strategy, recruited and coached teams.
Whether you’re looking to invest in, or examine the feasibility of, or you are operating a broadband network, FWA, DSL, FTTH, or an ISP, we can support you in the feasibility phase, in preparing the business case, or in due diligence of another operator.
Our Marketing & Communication Consultant (MARCOM), has over 20 years of experience in management and advisory roles, in corporate communication and marketing strategies.
Focused on high-impact growth initiatives, he has led key transformation and turnaround programs. He has held direct strategic and operational responsibility, for company-wide products; encompassing cost optimization and efficiency. He led the development of marketing strategies to achieve business objectives, including customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. This includes conducting market studies and analysis, preparing subscriber forecasts, identifying trends, opportunities, and competitive threats in the telecom industry.
Our Consultant will support you in the launch of your marketing strategy, new brand, channels, including campaigns, or monitoring of brand and campaigns.
Our Financial Consultant has extensive experience in the finances of a telecom business, having supported many operations, in their business preparations and investment activities.
Having held previous industry roles in M&A, business development, marketing and strategy, he has a track record of building teams, and ensuring stakeholder commitment in complex settings (functional interfaces M&A, finance, strategy, inter-cultural environments, matrix organizations). He has supported many transactions in the telco, ICT, digital markets industry.
Whether you’re an investor or greenfield operator, considering investment, or financing of a telecom business; or needing a detailed business case to support your plans; or you are an established operator, looking at some new services, to launch; our Expert Consultant will fully assist you in your work.