Whether you're new to spectrum regulation or aiming to deepen your understanding in a particular area, Eicon offers a combination of training courses, focused on spectrum related topics.

The training courses are delivered online, or in our office in Beirut, Lebanon. For more information, please send an email to [email protected], and we will provide you with all the details.
Course ET1: Spectrum Pricing Principles & Practice
Spectrum Pricing Training course is designed to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of the principles and various valuation methods underlying the pricing of spectrum.

Aimed at professionals in the telecom industry, regulatory bodies, and policy-makers, the course seeks to provide a comprehensive overview on how to price spectrum effectively to maximize benefit to society, promoting innovation, competition, and accessibility.
Course ET2: Using Spectre, Eicon's software tool, for spectrum pricing
The ‘Market-approach’ or ‘Benchmarking’, is used for spectrum pricing and valuation where band prices are compared against international similar awards- a task which involves regular data mining and complex processing.

SPECTRE is an easy-to-use web-based tool that addresses all such needs. It offers several features to easily view and filter awards, calculate and analyse unit prices benchmarks , and valuate license using several methods. In this course, a tutorial on tool is provided, where menus are explained, and scenarios/case studies are applied.
Course ET3: Spectrum Management Best-practice
With 5G technologies and promises on the horizon, it is paramount for Regulators to undertake significant efforts to review spectrum assignments, prepare their five-year roadmap, and to allocate bands for new technologies.

As such, the ‘Spectrum Management’ training course, is designed to cover basic principles of spectrum management, including a review of ITU regulations, regulatory framework, latest technological trends, and best practices in spectrum management.
Course ET4: Type of Licenses, and License Preparations
This course dives into how different regulatory regimes, define licenses, such as: Individual, Class, shared, white licensing, etc.. The course reviews the types of licenses, their specific application and terms of each.

Additionally, the critical process of license application, including preparation of technical documents, license conditions, and compliance with regulatory requirements, is covered.
Course ET5: Microwave Link Engineering design
This course dives deep into the heart of wireless communication systems, focusing on the principles, planning, and deployment of microwave links.

It covers fundamental concepts of microwave frequencies, link budget calculation, antenna design, planning and interference analysis. Passive microwave links and repeaters are also covered.