Regional Awards

A number of large countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, and India, issue licenses on a regional basis, for a number of reasons. Consultations, and the Information Memorandum, are prepared on that basis. Operators (or bidders), bid at different unit prices ($/MHz/pop) for the regions they have interest in. Moreover, the results of the auctions are fairly complex, to view, to interpret, and to analyse.

Eicon provides a database for regional awards, where licenses are shown uniquely and as per the outcome of auction. The database comprises of almost 20,000 licenses in 7 countries. It covers IMT bands (450 MHz up to mmWave), from 1985 up till now. Data is available in Excel spreadsheets and updated regularly, within a week after the completion of the auction, and publishing of the results.

The information for each license, includes, as per publicly available

  • Operator / bidder that has secured spectrum
  • Price paid in US$
  • Duration (term)
  • Band, frequency range, bandwidth
  • Region covered, and its population

The tool, as well as the organised data, are currently available in a simplified Excel format, and under development into an App similar to Spectre. More details shall be released in due course.

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