Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise defined, all terms used within the text of this document shall have their usual meaning in English. The terms: Client, User, Purchaser have the same meaning.

The website www.eicon-me.com, and the services provided by Eicon as listed on the website, and as publicly announced from time to time, are owned and operated by Eicon LTD, whose registered address is: 71, Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, WC2H9JQ.

Any access, by any User to the website www.eicon-me.com, and any use of the services advertised and/or marketed, and sold by Eicon, including software tools, data products, and any other products, are subject to the terms and conditions presented below. Therefore, by using eicon-me.com website, any services, software tools, or any products, you agree that you are legally bound by the listed terms, which shall take effect immediately upon your first use of the services or products, or tools.

Data Products
  1. No refunds for any fees paid to Eicon shall made for data marketed and/or sold by Eicon.
  2. Data products marketed and offered by Eicon have been collected from publicly available sources of information. Such sources are professional, and mostly reliable, but accuracy of the data, and completeness of such of data cannot be guaranteed.
  3. The data marketed by Eicon is provided on an “as is” basis, without any representations, or any kind of warranty made.
  4. Eicon LTD will not, under any circumstance, be liable for any of the following losses or damages: (a) loss of data; (b) loss of revenues or loss of anticipated profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of goodwill, or injury to User reputation; (f) losses suffered by any third parties; or (g) any indirect, consequential, special, or exemplary damages arising from the use of data or products marketed by Eicon LTD, regardless of the form of action.
  5. Data or product provided by Eicon, to Client, upon his request, shall be in the form agreed with the Client, and shall be against fixed fees as agreed with Client, and subject to Eicon proposal and/or offer terms and conditions.
  6. Eicon LTD does not permit:

    • Sharing of the data and/or product sold to Client, with any other person and/or organisation is not allowed.
    • copying of data and using for commercial purposes
  7. The Data and or Product marketed by Eicon may be used for internal purposes, subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP) below.
Software Tools
  1. No refunds for any fees paid to Eicon shall made for software tools marketed and/or sold by Eicon.
  2. Copyright and Intellectual property rights, for all software tools and software code marketed by Eicon, and provided by Eicon to Client, are owned by Eicon LTD, and are protected by copyright, trademark, and trade secret laws and international treaty provisions.
  3. User of Eicon software products tools, is not permitted to reproduce, redistribute, or to resell, the tool, or part of it for commercial gain. However, Users may use outputs produced by Eicon tools, for internal use, under subject to the Fair Use policy. Such conditions may be waived, upon obtaining a written permission by Eicon.
  4. User, that have obtained software tools, from Eicon LTD under a purchase agreement or otherwise, are not allowed to:

    • share their Username and password with others
    • access the services provided by the tool by multiple Users, through a single Username
    • resell the data, reports, graphs, or any of Eicon products, unless prior agreement with Eicon is obtained
  5. The start date and end date of the validity of any of the tools for use by Client, will depend on Client subscription, and will be specified in the purchase order and/or agreement with Client.
  6. Eicon LTD reserves the right to, and without any liability whatsoever to User, vary technical specification of the service and/or the software, or to temporarily suspend the service for upgrade of features, of code, or for maintenance purposes.
  7. Following the expiry of the subscription of User, as specified in his purchase order, and/or agreement, User will no longer have access to the tool and code, unless renewal of the subscription has been agreed with Eicon.
  8. Should any User prove to have violated the Terms and Conditions as expressed herein, Eicon has the right to suspend User’s access to the tool.
Research Reports
  1. Copyright and Terms of Use: Research reports sold to the public Eicon LTD may not, in their entirety, be reproduced, stored. or transmitted without the prior written consent of the company. Eicon grants customers a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the report within their organisation only, including within closed computer systems, for internal use.
  2. Disclaimer: Figures and tables in research reports, have been prepared by Eicon LTD. The company shall not be liable for loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever arising from the use of this publication by the customer or any third party.
Fair Use Policy

Without seeking further permission, content from research reports, software tools, or data products, can be used internally, given that:

  1. source of material is acknowledged
  2. material quoted is accompanied by some actual discussion or assessment
  3. amount of the material quoted is no more than is necessary (500 words, 5 diagrams, 30 rows from tables).
  4. Permission is required, if you would like to use more than necessary.